BCPC Signing Day Featured on National Television

BCPC Signing Day for 2023 was featured on Fox News ‘Fox & Friends’ program May 1, 2023. Aaron Ennis, chair of the BCPC Workforce Development Committee along with Jax Lawson of Brazosport High School and Ashley Shugart participated.

Please click here to see the interview: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6326567179112.

More Facts About the Brazoria County Petrochemical Council Signing Day Event 2023

  1. On Monday May 1, 2023, The Brazoria County Petrochemical Council (BCPC) will ‘sign’ approximately 79 graduating seniors to full time career jobs in the skilled trade professions. This occurs at its annual ‘Career Signing Day’ event.
  2. This is the fifth BCPC Career Signing Day. It is based on ceremonies for athletic scholarship signings.
  3. These 77 job proposals are over double the number offered to graduating seniors on Career Signing Day in 2022 when 48 jobs were offered. This is more than triple the number the year before that. All this because BCPC members decided to develop their skilled workforce with local residents.
  4. All ‘signees’ are May 2023 graduates who come from Brazoria and Matagorda Counties, respectively. Both counties are in southeast Texas adjacent to Houston.
  5. These May 2023 graduates will start work sometime after commencement in skilled trade jobs that include welding, pipefitting, millwright, ironworking, electrical, instrumentation, HVAC, carpentry, and more.
  6. Members of the BCPC need skilled workers to help build and maintain manufacturing plants. The program is built to hire new, young talent through career and technical education programs; it’s a great way to learn. In return BCPC member companies have a skilled labor.
  7. The petrochemical industry has been in Brazoria County, Texas since 1939, providing jobs, paying taxes, and contributing to the local educational system and non-profit organizations.
  8. In the last decade, BCPC member companies have invested more than $31 billion in Brazoria County, TX. creating thousands of high-wage jobs. In 2022 alone, industry had a $3.3 billion economic impact on Brazoria County.

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