Another Record Setting Number of Jobs Offered to High School Graduates from Brazoria County, Texas

Full time work that includes specialized training, college, and certification.

Members and contract companies of the Brazoria County Petrochemical Council (BCPC) will offer approximately 79 jobs for career in skilled trades to select 2023 graduates from Brazoria and Matagorda County High Schools. Skilled trade jobs include welding, pipefitting, millwright, ironworking, electrical, instrumentation, HVAC, carpentry, and more.

Graduates work full time for local contract companies with assignments inside BCPC member plants and contract company shops. All will receive on the job instruction. There are also roles offered this year in what are known as ‘soft trades’ like construction scheduling, maintenance technician, environmental technicians, quality control and lab technicians.

Career Signing Day

Known as ‘Career Signing Day,’ and modeled after athletic scholarship signings, the public presentation of those who will transition from school to the workforce after graduation will be Monday, May 1, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. at the Brazosport College Dow Academic Center, 500 College Drive, Lake Jackson, TX 77566.

Gaps to Fill

With an aging workforce and a growing industry, there is a broad need for craftspeople at refinery and petrochemical companies. High school graduates who are not interested in a four-year degree can attain specialized skills with wages that will support a family.

Members of the BCPC can recruit employees from the local population due to the career and technical programs at local high schools and the areas’ community colleges. Local recruits will often have a more profound connection to an area, as they are frequently more familiar with the culture, customs, and traditions of the region. They likely have existing relationships with people in the community, which can help them transition from high school into the workforce more easily.

Focused Applicant Screening

There was intense candidate selection that included written applications, essays and 720 job interviews by 42 contract companies affiliated with the BCPC member companies. Each of the 180 students interviewed 4 times with hiring organizations.

Those hired will receive many bonuses with their new roles. One example is ‘Ace Image Wear’ will provide free fire-retardant clothing to students who are offered a job.

About the BCPC

The BCPC is composed of chemical, petrochemical companies and other organizations that manufacture, refine, convert, store, and/or transport energy, basic chemical, or specialty chemical products. The goal of the BCPC is to enhance the well-being of the member company employees, contract employees, their families, and neighbors, here in Brazoria County. The BCPC motto is: Earn the publics’ trust every day. More information can be found online at



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