Workforce Development

Continuing to fill the pipeline of qualified employees and contractors is paramount to BCPC. Created in 2017, the BCPC Workforce Development Committee strives to carry out workforce development strategies for Brazoria County. The committee is a true collaboration between owner companies, construction contractors, community colleges, independent school districts, and economic development.

The team is nationally recognized for the annual Career Signing Day for Brazoria County. The mission of the program is to provide an avenue for Career and Technical Education (CTE) students that have taken industrial-based courses in high school and give them an opportunity to work in the industry. Since its inception, Signing Day has placed over 80 students in careers.

Another focus area is educating students and teachers about the industry by offering plant tours. Along the same lines, BCPC member companies support the annual Women in Industry Conference that educates over 1000 high school and community college students about career opportunities within the petrochemical and construction industries.

Veterans have unique skills and discipline that are vital to the industry. The BCPC Workforce Development Committee hosts an annual Veteran’s Career and Resource Fair and recently collaborated with Vow 22 to provide more veterans with information about careers in the industry.

If you are thinking about a career path in the industry, but are not sure how to begin? Visit, a tool that aligns your skills, interests, and personality with real-life job opportunities in the petrochemical industry.

For career exploration in construction, check out the Career Starter.