Fox & Friends Talks Live About the BCPC Signing Day 2023

Early Monday May 1, 2023 Aaron Ennis, Workforce Development chair along with Jax Lawson of Brazosport High School and Ashley Shugart of Columbia High School spoke live with Fox & Friends host Steve Doucey about ‘Signing Day.’ This was the first, live, nationwide television interview about Signing Day in its 5 year history.

While the interview was just over 4 minutes long, it took many hours over several days for Aaron, Jax and Ashley to prepare. Fitting specific ideas and messages into a tight timeframe is challenging for anyone. All three arrived before dark that Monday morning knowing what their messages were, how to deliver them while considering what the host and people watching wanted to know more about. It was great and all three were terrific.

Follow this link to watch the full interview:

 Fox & Friends Interview on BCPC Signing Day 2023

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