BCPC Signing Day Discussed on The Michael Berry Show

The Trade School Affect

On July 1, 2022 the BCPC Signing Day event was a topic of conversation on The Michael Berry Show.  Berry’s commentary begins around the 15 minute mark. The recording should start to play at that time.

Berry was named among the Top 25 Talk Hosts in America by NewsMax Magazine, and has been ranked with the country’s top 10 talk hosts by iHateTheMedia.com. His program can be heard on KTRH-AM. Click the media below to listen. Berry’s commentary begins around the 15 minute mark.

Modeled after athlete letter of intent commitment letters, ‘Career Signing Day’ is an occasion for graduating high school seniors to be placed in full time roles for work, on the job training and classroom instruction that often leads to professional certification.

BCPC Career Signing Day 2022
Four dozen Brazoria County high school seniors will walk from the graduation stage this month to a job site after accepting job offers from Brazoria County Petrochemical Council member companies.

The members of the BCPC are Air Liquide, Ascend Performance Materials, BASF, Braskem, ChampionX, Chevron-Phillips Chemical, Dow, DSM, Freeport LNG Development, Huntsman, INEOS, K-Bin, Linde, Lyondell-Bassell, MEGlobal, Mineral Research and Development, Olin, Phillips 66, Port of Freeport, Shin Etsu Chemicals, Shintech, SI Group, and Vencorex.

There is a shortage of skilled labor for industry in Brazoria County. The demand for certified pipe-fitters, welders, machinists, mechanics, boilermakers, and other skilled persons exceed availability. These craft persons help build and later run the petrochemical plants currently in place, under construction, or planned in Brazoria County. “We need the help,” Witte said. “Career Signing Day is one of the ways we can ensure sufficient access to skilled labor. We also like that the signees are from the area and share a commitment to it.”

Not Only a Local Issue                                                                                            According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 8 million skilled-labor jobs were lost from the labor force during the Covid-19 pandemic. About half were filled, but approximately 4 million vacancies remain. National Association of Workforce Boards President Ron Painter said the so-called “Great Resignation” was fueled by tradesmen who chose early retirement, work from home, or less labor-intensive jobs.

About the BCPC                                                                             The Brazoria County Petrochemical Council (BCPC) organization is composed of chemical, petrochemical companies and other organizations that manufacture, refine, convert, store, and/or transport energy, basic chemical, or specialty chemical products. The goal of the BCPC is to enhance the well-being of the member company employees, contract employees, their families, and neighbors, here in Brazoria County. The BCPC motto is: Earn the publics’ trust every day.

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