BCPC member companies produce 1000s of raw materials and intermediate products that impact the quality of all of our lives every day, which directly results in: clean water and energy; packaging that protects food; hygiene products like soap and deodorants; antibiotics and other medicines, clothing materials, products that help people stay connected to their digital lives but also lifesaving equipment like pacemakers; from home insulation to appliances and furniture; the automotive industry; heating and cooling systems at home and at work; plus much more.

The economic impact for the companies associated with the BCPC is $4+ billion. This includes payroll, local purchasing, state and local taxes, capital expenses, and charitable contributions.

Through its member companies, BCPC employs 9,500 full-time direct employees and 6,800 full-time contractors. It is estimated that for every job created directly by the industry, another 5 to 7 jobs are created, equaling another 100,000 indirect jobs.

BCPC is dedicated to promoting and protecting the health, safety, security, environment, and economic well-being of the industry. We will continue to raise awareness about the economic value and benefits we bring to the local area and to the world.

Member Companies